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Picture Books


"A gentle, winsome reminder that an ending is just an opportunity for a new start." ― -- Kirkus

“An original book with wide appeal.”

                    —School Library Journal

“A delight to share again and again.”

                —School Library Connection 

“Thomas’s exhortations celebrate both natural beauty and human virtue in a kind of gentle eco-theology.”

                              —Publishers Weekly

“Encourages readers to find inspiration everywhere.” —Booklist 

Winner of the Camelia Children's Choice Book Award (Alabama) 



Winner of the Center for Excellence in Literacy Instruction Read Aloud Book Award

"Dragon lovers—and all who enjoy being teased by playful disconnects between text and pictures—will be plenty happy indeed."



from tree to sea.jpg
this book is not about dragons

From a child’s point of view, this lyrical picture book looks at the relationship of nature to the human world and the place we call home.

Meet a mouse narrator who stubbornly insists that this book contains absolutely no dragons—not even a claw nor a flame nor any large, pointy scales. Readers will know better—and enjoy being in on the joke—as a flock of dragons chase the mouse to the very end of the book within the book.

"Thomas's repetitious almost-rhymes make for a rollicking read-aloud." --Kirkus

"The book is visually appealing and offers a proactive, if somewhat simplistic, approach to creating a better world."--School Library Journal


This witty picture book, about longing for what's just out of reach, will appeal to both girls and boys who've always wanted to do the impossible. NO, NO, KITTEN! takes flight on the power of imagination and one feline's ambitious dreams.

somewhere today.jpg

Somewhere in the world each day, people just like you are acting in kind, peaceful, loving ways. Perhaps they are visiting someone who is old, teaching a little sister to ride a bike, or sharing an experience with a friend from a different culture.

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